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Podcast to YouTube: ffmpeg One Liner Scripts

Here are some examples of how to convert audio podcasts in mp3 format to YouTube videos in mp4 format adding nice black and white wave form visualisations. They require the ffmpeg command-line tool, and are one-liners that must be run … Continue reading

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Rider In The Mist: Latest Update

Rider In The Mist: Remember that lovely little bloody, and rather nasty, old school sword and sorcery game I made over Christmas? Well, I noticed a couple of nice things people have said about it and have decided to big … Continue reading

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#Programmers and #Coders: Any UK #Devs bought a #ZTE Open (#FirefoxOS) from eBay yet? Views?

I’m currently writing an article and would like to know how your development experience with the new device goes… p.s. I installed the Firefox OS Simulator earlier today myself. It looks sparse, but clean and simple.

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