Roy's Rocket Radio Vintage Doctor Who Podcast Marathon

tardis-slimSince 2014, I have been watching every single episode of the BBC’s cult TV series Doctor Who. Since the show spans fifty years and hundreds of episodes, this may take some time.

Please join me, the Doctor and his numerous companions, on a grand adventure in space and time! (WARNING: And be sure to have a protective sofa nearby to hide behind).

Commence your epic journey now by listening to previous episodes of Roy’s Rocket Radio Vintage Doctor Who Podcast Marathon here. You can also listen to the very first episode, featuring the very first Doctor Who story An Unearthly Child (1963), right here:

Remember, your questions and feedback can only make this show better, so please comment below, or click here for other ways to contact me.

About Roy’s Rocket Radio: Since it’s inception in 2012, I have been inviting listeners to join my very personal odyssey, as I both create (mainly write) and enjoy science fiction, fantasy and horror entertainment in the form of books, comics, movies, TV, games and toys. Also, as a tech-mad ex-techie and newspaper tech columnist, I talk quite a bit about gadgets, technology and science too. Hence, I like to say that Roy’s Rocket Radio is the only full service nerd podcast in existence. In fact, I’m a one-sentient-being podcast network. Just call me Legion! Mwah hahaha!

More About Me

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Backup Social Media

With constant changes in T&Cs and encroaching fees, you never quite know where you stand with “free” online services. Keep control of your social media data by exporting a copy from the cloud to your own PC.

To this end I have compiled a list of links to backup options for the most popular social networks:

Remember to do this regularly.

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Something Loud

After listening to the entirety of Royal Blood’s Reading set last night, I was in the mood for some really thumpy music and, after some surfing, found:

Turbowolf – A Rose For The Crows


Eyes Like Twenty – Twenty Pieces


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