I am a nomadic author, journalist, and presenter hatched in Saaf London, and warped by a steady diet of sherbet lemons, medically prescribed comic books (true), dirty grey rain, and chips.

During an eternity in higher education, I cobbled together a peculiar mixture of skills and a bewildering array of impressive certificates, diplomas, and licenses. I eventually left with a Masters Degree in computery related stuff, and transferable credits and research experience in robotics, natural science, archaeology, and… let’s just say that it’s the tip of an iceberg size mound of certification I keep in a steel filing cabinet to prevent conflagration. Quite honestly, we’d be here all night if I listed the bizarre mixture of things I can do. In fact, you could write an academic paper about my spaghetti-like educational trajectory.

Before turning Sith (writing), I worked a longish stint in IT and later the heritage industry. I have been a proper “have you tried turning it off and on again” techie, a pointy-headed boss, and even a museum curator. This employment, however, was not contiguous, but sandwiched between periods of working in every conceivable job you care to mention, and quite a few you would not, except astronaut, as my application was rejected by NASA, damn it (again true).

The only cool thing about my weird skill-set, is that I’m about this far (you’d need an electron microscope to see how far apart I’m holding my fingers) from being a (but not the) bona fide sciencey time traveller (though, admittedly, one with a finely tuned sense of self-preservation).

As for writing; I have been a weekly columnist in a national broadsheet newspaper, and have written features, news articles, and opinion pieces for newspapers and magazines. As an author, I write genre fiction, which is ironic really because I started doing that a very, very long time ago. Ouroboros style career planning or wot? Other creative media things I do include script writing, copywriting, developing computer games, radio presenting, and podcasting.

As well as having extremely eclectic, not to mention esoteric (possibly even eccentric), tastes in music, film, literature etc., my spare time is occupied both above and below water, tinkering, and occasionally attempting the ascension to rockstardom.