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TechieTalk: Take This Job and Shove It: More Ways To Creatively Waste Time at the Office

Avoiding work seems to be a recurrent theme in this column and while I wouldn’t advocate not paying attention in the classroom, let’s face it, once you are out in the real world of work and woes, most jobs require … Continue reading

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I am a nomadic author, journalist, and presenter hatched in Saaf London, and warped by a steady diet of sherbet lemons, medically prescribed comic books (true), dirty grey rain, and chips. During an eternity in higher education, I cobbled together … Continue reading

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Welcome to Castle Royenstein About Me As a writer, I am an author of fantastic multi-genre fiction, and a journalist working the pop culture and technology beat. I am also the presenter of the splendid show known throughout the multiverse … Continue reading

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