Roy’s Rocket Radio RRR177 Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space (1970)

The Doctor, with the situation firmly in hand, as usual.

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captain-100x100rrr-100x100Pop Culture: Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space (1970), Doctor Who: Oxygen (2017), Judge Dredd: Cursed Edge (2013-), Technology: #Technobilge is back with The Faff of the BBC iPlayer, Freesat, Humanx, PC World, and John Lewis, Firefox vs Seamonkey (Again), Bug Reports Bug Me, Hire Me! Creative: Writing Frenzy, Getting Work Frenzy, Is Podcasting Worth It?

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This is what On Demand TV looks like on a totally buggered Humanx HB-1100S Freesat box. Enjoy.

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