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captain-100x100rrr-100x100Impressions of going to my very first real science fiction convention, why aren’t people angrier about lack of diversity? Oxford washout, and goodbye Unity.*

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If you are new to the show, almost every week, I give you the rundown on all that is gloriously geeky here in the UK.

  • Back again!
  • Recorded in my giant, fluffy, grey, hooded dressing gown that makes me look like some kind of Doom Drone nut.
  • Apologies for sound (AKA gear porn section) in last couple of shows, due to using the wrong cans. I used the comfy Philips SHP1900, but (tip) you get a wider frequency band using the equally cheap JVC HA-S160-W. The slight reverb in today’s show is from recording on a Sony PCM-M10 with omni-directional condenser stereo mics in my bedroom, rather than the usual cardioid dynamic mic (Behringer XM8500) plugged into a Yamaha MG606 mixer in my studio.
  • Nasal? Breathy? Yes, I have a cold AND my allergies are playing up… huzzah!
  • The geek dating episode? That’s coming too; I haven’t forgotten or chickened out.
  • *Since it’s my first podcast in a while, the mic-fear got me and I forgot to  mention that I really enjoyed watching the first episode of Doctor Who Series 10 with a huge bunch of EasterCon geeks on three giant screens before leaving.

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