Roy's Rocket Radio RRR169 Ranty Writer, Pants Only Partially Quenched of Fire

Pop Culture, Technology, Creative

Pure and unadulterated 100% geek. Consume with caution.

captain-100x100rrr-100x100PART I News: Doctor Who? More Podcasting, 9000 Steps, Happy Mauritian Independence Day, Happy Holi, Writing: Another Year, Another Writing Circle, The Roving Writer, Blackgate? TV: Emerald City (2017), Movies: Room (2015), Books: Robert E. Howard’s Views on Race in Conan Revisited, Technology: Fixing Firefox, Podcast to YouTube with ffmpeg , Social Media Pain Again, The Quest for (Internet) Immortality, Replacing Google Custom Search with Duck Duck Go Site Search, Email Disclaimers, Crossposting with IFTTT, Wikileak’s Weeping Angel in Vault 7, Random: Warm Pies in Toaster, Part II Zero

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Podcast Cockups Redressed: WhatsApp actually retain meta data, so now I only recommend Signal and pardon my non-encyclopedic knowledge of security. Finally, a word in your shell-like:

Dear Listener

The show takes time, effort and money to produce, and I do so for no reward and no cost to my audience. All I ask in return is that you leave a review in iTunes. If you do not have access to iTunes, email me or leave a comment below.



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