Roy's Rocket Radio RRR158 Happy (Very Belated) Divali and Doctor Who: The Space Pirates (1969)

doctor-who-the-space-pirates-1969Roy’s Rocket Radio – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Pop Culture and Technology for the UK Creative Geek

PART I Personal News: Happy (Belated) Divali! Podcast Stats, Welcome to the New Two Part Show Format, Changes, Writing: NaNoWriMo, PART II Doctor Who: the Space Pirates (1969), Aftershow: Join Me Next Time for a (Very Belated) Halloween

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rrr-100x100Errata et Addendum

  • };->
  • Our continuing Old Who journey returns this week, but you can also catch up with older episodes of… er… Old Who too. (This is getting old).
  • I need your help! After 4 years of Roy’s Rocket Radio and improving download stats (amazing, I know), I still have very little listener feedback. If you like the show, tell me about it! It’s important! Really! Especially if you want me to stop using exclamation marks! (Or saying the word “old”!!!)
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