Roy's Rocket Radio's Doctor Who Divali/Halloween Weekend 2016!

doctor-who-the-space-pirates-1969I intend watching a whole lot of Who this weekend. Specifically the last two adventures of the Doctor, as portrayed by Patrick Troughton.

So if you find yourself bloated by one too doctor-who-the-war-games-1969many laddu this Divali Sunday, or chomped on the entire bowl of sweets on Halloween Monday, take a trip through time and space with me, with your geeky host (who is certainly NOT “The Captain!“), back to 1969 to enjoy Doctor Who in The Space Pirates and The War Games.

Let’s send the second Doctor off in style.

Here’s more Old Who than you can brandish a Dalek’s gunstick at! (I know, I know, that was rather hackneyed, but I’ve been doing this for a while and the good material’s getting harder to come by). And even more Doctor Who (New Who, Old Who, and just plain weird Who)!

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