Roy's Rocket Radio RRR 121, Inc. iPhone 7, Gravity Waves and Planet X

iphone-6-7-pr-roys-edit-smallNews: Do You Remember? I Do Tech! Thursday-ish-ish Show, TV: X-Files (2016), Technology: iPhone 7, Mobile World Congress 2016, Planet X, Google and HMRC, Gravity Waves Detected by LIGO


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rrr-100x100Errata et Addendum

Not going to blind you with science, but I think that this topic is so huge, it deserves a bit more attention than I could give in the podcast:

  • Gravitational waves were first observed on the 14 September 2015, but the paper declaring the discovery was published on the 11 February 2016, and if you think that was a bit of a delay, the black hole merger thingy actually happened, wait for it, 1.3 billion years ago!

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