Roy's Rocket Radio RRR 105, Inc. A Mega Load of Random Nerdiness

THE UK pop culture podcast for creative nerds. In this episode – A mega load of random nerdiness with my guest Tom Walton, ex-rock star bassist and geek writing group colleague. Tonight we talk a whole bucket of nerdy including The Flash, Daredevil, Terminator Genisys, Star Wars and the luckiest geek on earth – Lucas Film’s Leland Chee, Game of Thrones, Lost, Myst, Grim Fandango, Chakan: The Forever Man, Solomon Kane, Shining Force, Ecco The Dolphin, LHX Attack Chopper, G-Police, Mortal Kombat II (babality, seriously?), GTA 3, author Nick Cutter’s under the sea horror, Bryan Talbot’s Grandville, Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden et al’s Baltimore (also discussed in RRR 60), our own writing, Spectre and the mortality of Bond girls, Crimson Peak and The Strain.


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Errata et Addendum

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