Numbers, Ninjas, Narcissism and the Cult of Roy

Some monthly download numbers for Roy’s Rocket Radio:

Dec 2012 55
Dec 2013 184
Dec 2014 564
Feb 2014 1345
Aug 2014 872

Don’t ask me what I did right in February or, more likely, what alien botnet slurped down my entire output since time began. As you can see, I am hovering around the late 800s as of last month.

I read this morning that Taylor Swift bought a $20,000,000 flat in New York from Peter Jackson. About twenty million things zoomed around my head when I choked on that, but what really annoyed me was that the article mentioned that it’s hugeness was partly due to housing her own security team. Security team? I’ve got nothing against her music, but why does she need to accommodate a personal ninja army? She isn’t Barack Obama.

Another thing I read earlier this morning was that NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) is apparently more prevalent in the digital age of social media. Pah! It’s analogue too! I once wrote an appallingly rude rant against some of the more narcissistic of my fellow gym goers (back when I used to go quite frequently, which I don’t anymore). It occurs to me that all the weird misdirected rage aimed at selfie-uploaders would be better directed back at the horrendous informal beauty contestants who frequent the gym. It’s a GYM not a pageant.

Social media – here’s a question (that I’m pretty sure will, ironically, attract zero comments): why are you following me on Twitter? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that you do, but there seems to be no point. Almost none of my followers RT, DM or @. Now that I think about it, this is common to almost all my social media accounts. Look, forget about the Cult of Roy (which actually sounds like a thing), but if you listen to Roy’s Rocket Radio or are interested in following my grinderly progression as a writer, it would be great if you communicate with me. That way the show will improve, I will get a better idea of what people like to read and the world might become a brighter, happier place all-round.

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