RRR 97, Inc. Monster Catch-Up Show: What's Happening in the Nerd-O-Verse, The UK Pop Culture, Technology and Creative Podcast for the Evolved Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Nerd

kenner-han-soloA great big monster catch-up show today with all the best news from the world of nerd. And remember – in the kingdom of the nerds, the being with an original, sealed-in-box, Kenner 1978 Han Solo* action figure is king. In this episode:

News: Vintage Doctor Who Marathon News, Nerd Spex! Celeb Tantrums, Roy’s Grumpy Tweets, The Road to Hell, TV: Sherlock Series 4 (2016), The Strain Season 2 (2015), Harper’s Island (2009), X-Files (2016), Doctor Who Series 9 (2015), Fear the Walking Dead (2015), Tyrant (2014), Lucifer (2015), Game of Thrones Season 6, Movies: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (2015), New Predator Movie, Prometheus (2012), It Follows (2014), Audio: Soundtrack, Technology: Windows 10, Not Knowing How To Use Tech Is Nothing to Boast About, NASA’s Mars Insight Rover

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captain-100x100Errata et Addendum

  • *Other than being referenced in this irrelevant dodgy mash-up of something some dead Roman geezer may or may not have said, or ripped off from some even more long-dead bloke, Han Solo does not, unfortunately, feature in this podcast.
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