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Indominus rex!

Indominus rex!

News: Even Later! Even More Defunct Bits of Me, Podcast Interviews, Contributor Wanted, Podcast Download Statistics, Feedback: Correspondence for RRR 31 Regarding Karl Edward Wagner, Correspondence for RRR 86 Regarding Mr. Robot, TV: Killjoys (2015), Humans (2015), Movies: Jurassic World (2015), Games: Neo Sword and Sorcery Interactive Fiction Game Rider in the Mist Expansion, New Unnamed IF Game

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captain-100x100Errata et Addendum

  1. Late again, but I have had a very trying week. TRYING!
  2. Starhunter actually came out in 2000 – check it out, it’s a fun show.
  3. I’m not being coy about either my location or my new game – just being moderately cautious and imposing an NDA on myself.


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