Podcasting Tip: Audio Quality on Listeners' Devices

dynamic-mic-into-pcm-m10If you are a podcaster, check the sound quality in your podcast by listening to it before uploading. By listening to it, I mean listen to it on something poor, comparable to the smartphone with which the majority of your users will eventually tune in. For example, my latest podcast seems fine on decent equipment, i.e. running through my mixer and VLC, but godawful streamed from my cheapo smartphone.

This is what happened – so there I was, self-satisfied and smug about how great my sound was in the latest RoysRocketRadio podcast, when I listened to Roman Mars’ 99 Percent Invisible this morning. Even though those people are audio experts, for some reason their sound is sometimes crackly, sibilant and overly sharp (at least through my ears and on my phone). Paranoia spiked, I decided to check my own audio.


I’ve now run the damn thing through Audacity’s noise removal tool using a gentle profile setting. Although it sounds a bit canned, at least it’s much less hissy and kinder on the ears.

The reason I’m boring you with this stuff is embarrassment.  You see, at the top of the show, I boasted about how my dynamic mic plugged into my recorder sounded just great. Ahem.

Obviously I still have much techno-tweaking ahead.

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