Update from the Haunted Laboratory of My Mind

I was going for gothic, but the title came out grandiose and weird.

I’m currently up to my eyeballs in projects, so much so that my TV consumption has dropped to very, very little. You can hear about it on Sunday’s Roy’ s Rocket Radio.

The concise version is that I received a rejection for my science fiction screenplay Redway. Although it’s no biggie that it was turned down (there were thousands of submissions), I still think the judges made a mistake. And, yes, I know how egotistical that sounds, but if you don’t have faith in your own work, who will?

I’ve put the project to convert my Twine game Rider in the Mist into an ebook on hold while I churn out more straight prose fiction. On the other hand, I am also planning a new, and really quite big, IF game with connections to the real world.

In the short term though, I’m doing the usual writer tango of write, edit and submit.

Catch up with me on Sunday and use the #RoysRocketRadio hash tag to interact with the show.

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