RRR 84, Inc. Chat with Prolific UK Author Christopher Fowler (Roofworld, Psychoville, Bryant and May Series etc.), The UK Pop Culture, Technology and Creative Podcast for the Evolved Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Nerd

christopher-fowlerThis week I chat with prolific UK author Christopher Fowler, creator of the Bryant and May mystery series, as well as many other works of genre fiction, see http://www.christopherfowler.co.uk/ He also expounds some useful writing advice and, oddly, appears to share my difficulty in finding the new entrance of Foyles (about 10ft left of the old entrance – there’s a big sign!) Despite his previous work in the film industry, deep connections with Hollywood, and the Bond films’ cast and crew, he still can’t help me get a date with Bérénice Marlohe. Damnit. I also update you about my own writing and let you know what to expect from the show in the next few weeks.


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captain-100x100Errata et Addendum

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skyfall-2012-berenice-marlohe-boatOh shut it. This picture IS relevant.

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