RRR 70, Inc. Pierre Drolet, CGI Modeller and Starship Builder! (BSG, Razor, Caprica, Enterprise, Serenity etc.), UK Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Technology Podcast


This week I chat to top Hollywood CGI modeller Pierre Drolet who has worked on many big name science fiction productions. One of his specialties is starships. Let the full implication of what that means sink in – HE BUILDS STARSHIPS!

rrr-smallNews: Doctor Who Marathon Back Next Week, News About My Own Writing Next Week, Main Show: Introducing Pierre Drolet, Canadian! Poutine, The Gateway by Pierre Drolet, How Pierre Got Started in CGI, Voyager (1995), Nemesis (2002), Hellboy (2004), Enterprise (2002-2004), Serenity (2005), BSG Razor (2007), BSG (2006-2008), Caprica (2009-2010), Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011), Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), Da Vinci’s Demons (2013), Other Projects, Hollywood Insider Stuff?

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Errata et Addendum

  1. I bitterly regretted forgetting to ask Pierre about that statue from Lost! Aaaarrrggghhh! Please attempt to enjoy the show despite this horrible gaff.
  2. The occasional poor sound is Skype’s problem this week. Hey, Satya Nadella! Get it sorted!
  3. This podcast lives and dies with retweets and reviews. So remember to retweet the show to your friends, and to also review it in iTunes.
  4. I’m getting to…, hell – I got to the stage a year ago, when I can’t afford to run at a loss anymore. I have hosting fees and bills, bills, and more bills and, quite frankly, I could also do with better equipment. Therefore, I will be adding a donate facility soon and hope that you, the listener, will help me keep this leaky tub afloat.
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