RRR 62, Inc. Rider in the Mist Development Update, UK SciFi, Fantasy, Horror and Tech Podcast

Happy Boxing Day!

NB/The next podcast will be available shortly after midnight on New Year’s Eve/Day.

In this weeks podcast:

Merry Boxing Day from RRR! Games: Rider in the Mist Development Update, Tech: Defrosting Christmas Poultry, What is the Correct Fridge Temperature? Desktop Audio Players (VLC & Foobar2000)

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Errata et Addendum

  1. Used a different room this time and put some spare mattresses up on the wall to deaden background noise, but, of course, that doesn’t excuse the peculiar, wrestling with a python on a bed of crisp packet*’ sounds caused by…? Answer: see*
  2. That clock on my recorder (PCM M10) showed the start time, but not the end time, how dumb is that Sony?
  3. Apologies for any problems in the last 48 hours caused by a formatting error in the feed.
  4. And what’s with all these extra foot-notes? One word: ‘typomania’. Are you listening Penguin? Well are you?
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