What to Expect In the 50th Roy's Rocket Radio Show

tardis-slimDoctor Who is back and, very soon, so will we be! The following is a small selection of what to expect in our upcoming, and very special extra-long, 50th show:

TV: Doctor Who (1st Doctor, Series 3, 4 The Daleks’ Master Plan 1-12, 1966), Doctor Who 8.1-2 Deep Breath and Into the Dalek (2014), Extant (2014), The Strain (2014), Lost: The End (2010) [Revisited], Movies: The Woman in Black (2012) [Redux Review], The Losers (2010), 300: Rise of an Empire, Pompei (2014), The Basketball Diaries (1995), Hold Fast (2007),  The Double (2013), Snowpiercer (2013), Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Comics: Sleeper Season Two (2009), Ex-Machina: The Deluxe Edition Book Two (2010), Metamorphosis Odyssey (1980), Games: Swing Copters (2014)

The fact that just the show notes run to five pages and aren’t even complete yet should tell you how chock-full of nerdy geekiness this event will be. You can also expect (FOC) the usual stumbling dialogue, clumsy segue and uncomfortable silences – though this time buoyed up by lashings of ginger ale, a spicy chicken patty or two and booty from the sweet shop. So celebrate the return of the Doctor and subscribe now to the best podcast in the Multiverse (and the UK).

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