What Roy Did

roy-manga-long-hairSo here I am, currently exiled to audio Siberia, i.e. not able to podcast.

But it’s not as if I don’t have anything to do. Changes are afoot at the blog and the website, and the notes for the next podcast continue to grow more voluminous.

I also appear to have more hair than I have had for years. In the last few months, my hairstyle has gone from slap-head, to spikey, to emo, to the horrendous, tarantula-like travesty of a barnet squatting on my bonce right now. I supposed I’ll have to see to that sooner or later, but I haven’t been to a barber-shop in years. I also suspect that a glamorous hairdo now costs more than a couple of brass farthings. Still, to celebrate this new excess of head-hair, I have created a new favicon via FaceYourManga.

What else? Well, I’m editing the novel like crazy and trying, as usual, to make up for lost time. This new effort is largely thanks to Mum and friends’ encouragement (you know who you are). Oh, and my writing circle meets tomorrow evening. Let’s hope more than two people show up!

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