A Week In Nerd: Guardians of the Galaxy, Utopia, Roy's Rocket Radio

utopia-series-2-2014-wilson-wilsonI just watched the end of Utopia series 2 on Channel 4. Given the improvements from series 1 and the cliffhanger ending tonight, I can definitely see series 3 being green-lit. (Left: Wilson – so NOT Mr. Nice Guy – scroll to bottom).

guardians-of-the-galaxy-2014-ticketThis afternoon I watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Mainly thanks to Groot and Rocket, it was enjoyable. Expect to hear me jabber on about it in the next podcast.

Roy’s Rocket Radio has been on something of a hiatus lately. This isn’t due to laziness, as you might think, but due to a lack of equipment. After donating my smartphone to my mum, who right now needs it more that I do, I am currently without a reliable way of recording audio. I do have a webcam mic, but the noise levels are, frankly, terrible. I experimented with a portable digital recorder, but the expense just couldn’t be justified. Right now I’m waiting for delivery of a very cheap dynamic microphone that I will plug into my PC and record directly into Audacity. The outcome of all this faffing about is that my skull is filled to the brim with terms like “XLR”, “audio levels”, “kHz”, “impedance” etc. Rest assured though, the podcast will return with a mammoth catchup show.

Dedicated to Wilson Wilson:

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