A Bit of Glub from the Captain's Tub: Guardians of the Galaxy, Jupiter Rising, Dreadstar Movie

No time for podcasting this week, as I have a couple of passengers heading for Alderaan,  but next week we’ll be talking about Guardians of the Galaxy. Huzzah!

I still can’t believe the Wachowskis’ new flick Jupiter Rising is not out until next year. With the two big trailers, the PR circus, the blah and the frenzied Mila and Channing photo-opps – we sadly already know the whole plot. Great strategy there. Absolutely fantastic. WAY TO GO.

BTW, if you clicked on the GOTG link above, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been pushing for a Dreadstar movie from way-back-when. Guess what? It may just be in the works! See here and here. If that isn’t an O/E-MG moment I don’t know what is.


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