Muffed Plot Logic in SciFi Movies: Looper, After the Dark (AKA The Philosophers) and Edge of Tomorrow,

You’re going to either have watched the following movies to know what the hell I’m taking about, or be one of the idiots responsible for writing-in the following screenplay muffs in order to give each of these films a happy ending. If filmmakers are going to attempt such a travesty they, at least, shouldn’t be so lazy that they don’t stick to the internal logic of their own universes. I mean do they seriously think that an audience packed full of ultra-logical, OCD, SciFi Spock-nerds are going to miss the constant bumbling? GET YOUR GAME ON!!!

Here are some, not-so-shining, examples:

Looper (2012): Why is the narrator still speaking after he died at the end of the movie?

After the Dark (AKA The Philosophers) (2013): If the final scenario was completely fresh, by what logic did one of the students remember the exit code from the penultimate scenario?

*Edge of Tomorrow (2014): How did the protagonist wake up again (after he had already lost the ability to do so) in a past where the invaders had already been defeated by him in the future.

edge-of-tomorrow-2014-ticket-stub*I watched this movie today and, other than the mumbo-dumbo ending and the derivative look reminiscent of The Matrix Revolutions (2003) and Oblivion (2013), I pretty much enjoyed it. I thought Emily Blunt made a terrific heroine – tough as nails, beautiful and, refreshingly, without so much as an ounce of hooah machismo. I also loved the batty plot based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka and Yoshitoshi ABe’s YA novel All You Need Is Kill.  Didn’t you also think that there was something very PKD (a good thing) about the story of a PR guy thrust into the thick of it? Good stuff, apart from that awful plot gaff at the end.

Emily Blunt wielding makeshift FF-style Basutāsōdo. Oh, oh, ohhh…


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