Writing Progress and Unashamed Plug for My Upcoming Techno-Thriller The Horus Box

eye-of-horusHere is a progress report, aimed primarily at interested publishers and agents. The most notable item on the list is my upcoming techno-thriller The Horus Box, the rough draft of which I will have finished next week. After that I will be editing it in preparation to query potential publishers and agents. I will also be writing a screenplay based on the novel and starting my next book — a space opera.

  • 2014, The Horus Box, Screenplay [Starting on 2014-06-25]
  • 2014, The Horus Box, Thriller (Techno-Thriller) Novel, [Rough draft will be complete on 2014-06-24], Blurb:

“Amidst the dot com boom, a traumatised bicycle messenger and an enigmatic war reporter are drawn into the mystery of the century, deep in the dark heart of London.”

  • 2014, Untitled, Science Fiction (Space Opera) Novel [Starting on 2014-06-25]
  • 2014, Untitled, Fantasy (Contemporary Fantasy) Novel [Planning]
  • 2014, Untitled, Fantasy Novel [Planning]
  • 2013, A Lesser Death, Science Fiction Short Story [Re-editing]
  • 2013, The Black Tower, Fantasy (Sword and Sorcery/Dark Fantasy) Short Story [Re-editing]
  • 2013, Honey, Honey, Horror (Creature Feature) Short Story [Re-editing]

If you want to get in touch, please do so via this email address:


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