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NB/ There are a quite a few spoilers in this week, but I’ve made an attempt to pre-announce them during the show.

Today you finally discover the fate of the Mary Celeste as our Doctor Who marathon continues:


Some highlights I have enjoyed during the current Doctor Who marathon, wherein I attempt to watch every single Doctor Who TV episode and movie ever made:

Ian Chesterton (William Russell) framing The Crusade adventure many years later:


Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford) left behind to live her life out with Tom on an alternate earth after The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964):


The Doctor giving the poor Moroks an eyeful, with his swimwear pose, when they pry into his brain in The Space Museum (1965):


The Beatles appearing in the Doctor’s new toy looted from he Space Museum in The Chase (1965)… :


…And Ian getting on down:


I write most of the time and when I’m not writing, I’m hiding behind that metaphorical sofa. What I want to know is if you can get a sofa fitted with kevlar and built-in lasers?

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