Tweeting First Line of Daily 2000 Words, My Fiction, Your First Fiction?

2000 Words Okay, just to prove that I’m not a total flake after the magazine debacle, I’m encouraging myself to keep writing by tweeting the first line of each piece of fiction I write each day. Each piece, whether a chapter of my book or a short-story, is about 2000 words long. I have found that 2000 words is about my daily limit. Interestingly, back when I was writing research papers, i.e. non-fiction, I could manage around 5000 words. Fiction is harder. Much harder.

My Fiction I’m writing one mystery/horror novel, tinkering with several other novels and re-writing every single short-story I have ever started since my age could be counted in single digits. This time, I’m going to try to find a publisher too; a publisher who makes books made with paper. Hey, books really do grown on trees and so, for that matter, does money. (Please don’t quote THHGTTG back at me).

What was the first fiction you remember writing? Mine was an unfinished horror scene, where the victim was about to have his heart removed, Aztec-style. I remember writing it at an uncle’s house in Mauritius on something that looked like, or was a knock off of an ancient, steampunky Royal typewriter. I think I enjoyed using the typewriter more than the writing itself. It made me feel very grown up.


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