Scifi, Fantasy, Horror, Tech, Nerd Podcast UK: Roy's Rocket Radio, Ep. 30, Inc. BAFTAs, Oscars, Frozen, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Walking Dead Etc.

hank-mccoy-beastMega-fauna sized show.  My god, it’s full of stuff (sorry Mr. K.  Hey, have I used that before?  It feels like I have).  Sanity restored.  Bleep.  In this week’s BEAST of a show we have:

News: News and Aftershow Sections Back! BAFTA Results and Oscar Nominations, River Song, Movies: Freaky Deaky, Frozen, GI Joe Retaliation, I, Frankenstein, X-Files: Fight the Future, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, TV: Doctor Who: 1964 to Present and My Doctor, The Big Bang Theory Season 7, The Musketeers, Once Upon a Time, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, The Originals, Troy (Channel 4), The Walking Dead Mid-Season 4, Audio: NPR TED Radio Hour Podcast – Identities, Books: Fairyland, Comics: Locke and Key 1: Welcome to Lovecraft, Technology: WhatsApp Sold, Candy Crush IPO, Racket, Emacs, Lisp, Aftershow: I Love Genre, Road Show: We’re Going on the Road! Winter Olympics… Errr

Don’t miss another valuable opportunity to hear me waffle semi-coherently about tangentially nerdy subjects.  I prefer to call it “stream of consciousness” because that sounds more grown-up.

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rrr-smallRoy was sick of missing part of his head, but short of drawing the logo himself or paying someone…

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