News: Social Media Apocalypse, Podcast Downloads, Then and Now

Social Media Apocalypse: If you listened to the last podcast, you’ll know that I have made some changes to my social media accounts:

  • FaceBook – Deleted most status updates, photos, apps and Likes.
  • Pinterest – Deleted all Likes (4 remaining and no idea how to get at them).
  • LinkedIn – Deleted all updates.
  • Google – Deleted all Google+ circles.
  • Flickr & Twitter – Untouched, so far…

By far, the most invasive and difficult to control is FaceBook, followed by Google+.  The fact that almost all social media providers do not give you a way of bulk deleting stuff is both annoying and disturbing.  It’s almost as if they never want to let you go.

Yesterday I also deleted all my iPhone social media apps, because I check them every 10 seconds and it was driving me nuts.

How does it feel?  Quiet.  Things feels quiet and less hectic.  It hasn’t meant that I have lost any data either, as my blog posts cascade update to social media.  I still have all the accounts because they are useful for displaying my contact details and to let my family, friends and the security apparatus of several countries (why do they even care???) know where I am unto the end of time itself!

Podcast Downloads: My Roy’s Rocket Radio podcast downloads have, er, rocketed to around the mid-200s/month, so thanks };-

Then and Now: This was my main website 2 years ago:


And this is it now:


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