#UK #SciFi/#Fantasy/#Horror #Podcast: #RoysRocketRadio: Show Topics in January 2014


Here’s a breakdown of what I talked about in January, with links to each podcast. (For show notes and more click on my head in the picture, or here):

Roy’s Rocket Radio, Episode 26, 30 January, Movies: Ender’s Game, Last Days on Mars, TV: Black Sails, Helix, Books: The Magus, Comics: The Dead Boy Detectives, Fables 1001 Nights, Invincible Ultimate Collection Volume One, Haunt of Horrors, Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha: The Project

Roy’s Rocket Radio, Episode 25, 25 January, Movies/TV: What’s Wrong with Star Trek? This week we will explore every Star Trek cock-up, nonsensical technology, contradiction, annoyance and other assorted stupidity… …And Why I Still Love It

Roy’s Rocket Radio, Episode 24, 17 January, News: It’s too cold, Writing update, How to get the podcast, The nose laugh test, Movies: The Captains, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Woman in Black, TV: Hostage, Sherlock Season 3 Finale, Tech: 4OD, Waze, And Finally: Life on a boat somewhere hot

Roy’s Rocket Radio, Episode 23, 12 January, News: Walking round London, Movies: Captain Phillips, The Great Gatsby, Her, How I Live Now, Iceman, Mandela, Saving Mr. Banks, TV: Hannibal: Rome’s Worst Nightmare, The Tomorrow People, What I’m Watching, Audio: What I’m Listening To, Gmail Undo, And Finally: Email me!

Roy’s Rocket Radio, Episode 22, 10 January, News: break from writing, can’t review Ender’s Game, replenish my book collection, Storm Bringer, Movies: American Hustle, Upstream Color, TV: The River, Sherlock, Books: And He Built a Crooked House, Comics: Saga, Games: Neo Geo X Gold handheld console, And Finally: downloading, fellow podcasters

Roy’s Rocket Radio, Episode 21, 01 January, News: Writing, Podcasting, Chilling, TV: Sherlock Season 3, Technology: Leveraging torrents legitimately, And Finally: Copyright notices

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