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rrr-smallThe next two “Sunday” shows will actually be recorded, edited and released two days early, i.e. on the immediately preceding Friday.  The reasons are twofold.  First, The Wolf of Wall Street opens in the UK tomorrow and I don’t want to be scooped by everyone else!  Secondly, the Sunday after that, I have a social engagement that involves a chainsaw (absolutely true- don’t ask).

The proposed line-up for tomorrow is:

News: It’s too cold, Writing update, The nose laugh test, Movies: The Captains, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Woman in Black, TV: Hostage, Sherlock Season 3 Finale, Tech: 4OD, Waze, And Finally: Life on a boat somewhere hot

The week after that you can expect some rantiness regarding Star Trek and its spin-offs:

What’s Wrong with Star Trek?  This week we will explore every Star Trek cock-up, nonsensical technology, contradiction, annoyance and other assorted stupidity… …And Why I still Love It.

Finally, we return to a Sunday slot, with a show devoted entirely to Doctor Who.

No set agenda for this show yet.

Enjoy previous shows here.

Igor!  Release the Monstrous Macaws of Mayhem!

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