#RoysRocketRadio #UK #SciFi/#Fantasy/#Horror #Podcast Ep 23 & 24 Starting Sun 12 Jan

Episode 23 (This Sunday): Just to fill that diabolical ennui of existence that is Sunday morning, Ill be recording another podcast.  You can expect more measured, thoughtful and learned discussions (or not, well maybe, but certainly better than that found in The Gruniad or Daily Heil) regarding the following topics: Movies: Captain Phillips, Her, How I Live Now, Iceman, TV:  Hannibal: Rome’s Worst Nightmare,  The Tomorrow People, Tech: Gmail

Episode 24 (Next Sunday): Actually, though without any solid guarantee, I am planning to do a regular(ish) podcast every Sunday which, and I can’t help re-emphasising this, should fill the void of that most terrible of days.  Next Friday sees the release of The Wolf of Wallstreet and thus, that will be one of the movies discussed in the next show.  (Yes, I did SO pompously use the word “thus”.  Not only that but, in the future, you can also expect me to add a “ly” and use the word “thusly” too.

rrr-smallAbout the podcast: At moment the podcast is one of the few UK-centric podcasts about genre entertainment aimed squarely at, and I’m sorry to over-use the words again, geeks and nerds.  Oh, and the show is still mostly SciFi/Fantasy/Horror-based, but occasionally other tropes/media/news/(and even)guests appear.  Just don’t rely on using the podcast, blog or me as an early-warning-system for national, or planetary emergencies (i.e. as a legitimate news service), because I’ll probably sleep through the whole thing.

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