#SciFi #Podcast: Roy's Rocket Radio, Episode 19: Matt Smith's Last #DoctorWho, #TheHungerGamesCatchingFire etc…


2013-12-25-1431-uk-home-christmas-lunch 2013-12-25-1617-uk-home-christmas-puddingAfter stuffing my face with Christmas yumminess, failing to take a nap, then watching the last Matt Smith Doctor Who, I, unwisely, decided to end the night by trying to crank out one more podcast before midnight. So, without further ado, here’s what you can expect from the Christmas edition of Roy’s Rocket Radio:

Movies: The Clinic, Computer Chess, The Hunger Games Catching Fire (mentioned later in the podcast, AFTER D&D Red Box), TV: Doctor Who Matt Smith’s Final Episode, Highlander, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, Comics: Neonomicon, Games: Hyperlight Drifter, Games: Hyperlight Drifter, Other New Retro Games, Toys: D&D Red Box, Technology: Computer books, Jessops, Lua and Love2D, Paper, Q10, Treepad Lite

Listen here


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Enjoy, and merry Christmas.

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