#Nerds, #Writers, Earthians, Buy Me A Beer: Theron-Unpwned, Unwisely Consuming…, Old Olds…, Goat Attack, Grossip…, Prod-cast

Theron-Unpwned: Hi. Yeah, see, the thing about saying you’ve “gone-writing” is that it inevitably means that you’re not. So I thought I’d take a break from “not” and try to shake something loose by blahing on a bit.  So what happened since the last post?  Amazingly, readership of the blog seems to be increasing and, by the time you read this, I’ll be up to 19,000 visitors.  But before you join me in wohoo-ing, the thing is, instead of reading my blog posts about movies, comics etc…, i.e. the good stuff, visitors tend to be focusing on my previous (barely-even-nerdly-content-tangential) rants.  So I’m not going to feed The Great Internet Beast today, instead I’ll talk about some interesting bit-and-bobs that have stirred my interest. And no, that does not mean me waxing poetical something regarding Charlize Theron (again).  Mainly because yet another blasé raft of J’Adore Christmas ads have killed it for me. BTW “Theron-Unpwned” actually (nearly) rhymes (in Afrikaans).

gradisil neonomicon moonshadow once-upon-a-time-in-wonderland

As usual, I’ve been unwisely consuming a vast mountain of nerd-media (in fact, as I type these very words, I can hear Spock pon farring in the background). Currently, I have several things on the go, including Gradisil (2006) by Adam Roberts, Neonomicon (2011) by Alan Moore and Moonshadow (1989) by John Marc DeMatteis.  I have also dug into Once Upon a Time In Wonderland (2013) that will be coming to the small screen in the UK sometime next year. To hear about them, you’ll have to listen to the next neRRRdcast.

Old Olds/New News: In “The Great Ghastly Mundaneity” which is my phrase for the non-nerdish world, I have recently been idly perusing a few mags, but have noticed an alarming relevancy-lag in many tech and computer publications.  By the time the articles are published in the magazines, the news has become olds.  Newspapers are a little better, but many feature articles tend to be rather lacklustre these days and so I spend more time reading online.  (NB/ This bit is for the hacks: it also means that freelancing your articles to editors can be an exercise in time-wasting.  And spec-only?  Good luck with that).

esquire-1-2014Goat attack: Two things which got my goat, in the pettiest and most trivial ways possible, which is what happens when you sink into the tetchiness that comes of spending too much time at home, was an article from a library-loaned copy of Esquire (issue 1, 2014).  The phrase “nouvelle vague” was bluntly bandied in an article warning against the potential arsiness of the donning non-manly-scarfs.  This annoyed me for two reasons.  First, I assume that the use of arty-French parlécinema (see?) indicates that the writer listens to Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s BBC Film Review, because I refuse to believe that he actually knows what the term means. (I still don’t, though wiki, wiki, wiki). Secondly, I am a wearer of said sudarium-modo de Gluteus maximus (again, see?) Send latin grammatical corrections to…)

Grossip Gob’alists: A quick look at the staff page of the above-mentioned rag also frightened me into thinking about where my career is going (okay, I mean not-going). Combined with a recent re-reading of James Herbert’s Creed, wherein one of the characters, a gossip columnist, suffers the most vicious (and, no doubt, accurate) textual depiction/character assassination ever printed; made me realise that aiming for a post-career as a lifestyle columnist in a glossy is a bit naff and no great loss if it never happens.

Prod-cast: In the meantime, I very strongly recommend (insist) that you download one of our, (the nicest way of explaining this is by telling you that I’m using the royal plural here) and excellent (that’s one description), previous neRRRcasts.

Oooh, now that’s off my chest, I can bedeck my neck with this stylish (though manly) sophistiscarf and get back to writing some fiction.

What-evs. Roll on Season 4 GOT.


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