Still Here, Beavering Away, In the Fortress of Nerditude!

Okay, so not as many blog posts as before, but that’s because I’m so busy. I also finally decided that, as time-consuming as podcasts are, I think I enjoy doing them a little more than blog-posts.  This is due to my writing activities elsewhere.  I’ve been harping on about finishing up various pieces of writing for months, and these should be complete by around Christmas.  But all this writing means that I’m not keen to commit to extra writing in the form of blog posts.  Chatting up a storm on a podcast is far more appealing. Of course, the irony is that I still end up with a giant pile of typed show notes, so there’s really no escape is there?


Talking about not wanting to write too much, I am one of those obsessive note-taker people.  One who endlessly scribbles things on scraps of paper, old envelopes, pocket notebooks, binder organisers… and the back of my hand.  The trouble with this is that you always end up having too much stuff to haul around with you when you are out and about.  I have tried to tell myself that I am more like Chewbacca or Indiana Jones, but the truth is I’m not that fond of my man bag.  It’s not the look that bothers me, it’s the weight, and the chance of leaving the thing behind by accident.  Long story short: I’m dictating notes into my iPhone now using a free app called ClearRecord Lite. I even use this for the podcast, because my PC mics pick up way too much background noise and hum.  The app is very simple to use and can capture raw audio in the, better than CD, 48 khz 16 bit PCM linear Wav format (what a mouthful), although, admittedly, the ability to record great audio is somewhat limited by the iPhone’s own mic.  I have tried other free apps, but this is the only one that seems fool Roy proof.  I’m still not sure that not toting a man-bag has made me look any less dorky though, as you’ll now find me constantly talking to myself in public.  At least, now I have an excuse.

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