#Coding, But More Importantly: #Thor!

So much for getting back into serious coding. After downloading the Android SDK, then compiling the sample app, the emulator hung…. and hung and… Now I suppose I should have persisted, but life’s finite and I got bored. I think I’ll rein in my ambition to be a Carmack and keep my hand in with some rather more modest scripting. By the way, should you wish to install it, that Android SDK is immense at over a gig, once uncompressed.


In other more exciting news, I watched Thor: The Dark World earlier today. The basics are that there’s this big bish-bash-bosh with the wicked dark elves and Thor is forced to enlist the help of his naughty brother Loki to defend the universe. Fantastic fun, spoiled only by Stan Lee’s unbearable cameo which, if you are a regular visitor to this blog, you’ll know is a pet peeve of mine. Most of the movie is set in London, especially Greenwich, which made me feel a little homesick. I’ll have to drive down there sometime soon.

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