#Tech/#Dev: #GoogleGlass, #DC #ComicBooks: #Stormwatch V.1


Google Glass Development: I suddenly got fired up about code this morning and decided to have a go at cooking something up for Google Glass, or at least trying to anyhow. At this very moment, in fact, I am downloading the Android SDK. Sounds familiar? Yeah, I said in an earlier couple of posts that I was all fired up about Lazarus, the IDE/GUI builder for FreePascal, but that initial enthusiasm came to nothing for a couple of reasons. The draw of all those free Java libraries and the rocket-like ascendency of Android was just too much to resist. I’m not planning on anything ground-breaking, just a simple AR game based on some stories I’m writing. It is a pity about FreePascal, because I have a little background in BASIC, QBasic, QuickBasic and VB, and the FreePascal IDE, the Lazarus IDE and Object Pascal code looks very familiar to anyone who has used a structured BASIC. Oh well, I might as well try using the skills I picked up on a beginner’s Java course years ago.


Stormwatch Volume 1: I just finished reading this Warren Ellis prequel to The Authority. It’s okaaay, but a bit wordy and I found the art rather filled with ol’skool clichéd hypermasculine blokes and over-sexualised femmes. Not that this stuff usually bothers me that much, however, psycho-gun-nut Rose Tattoo’s outfit seemed particularly silly. On a positive note, I do like the Weatherman who is a bit like a cross between Lobot and Professor Xavier. I can imagine him being an early Google Glass adopter too.


Okay, the Android SDK has downloaded, laters!

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