Last Couple of Weeks: #StrontiumDog, #ThePunisher, #DoctorWho, #Poirot (#ComicBooks, #UK #SciFi, #TV & #Writing)

It’s been a weird few weeks, good in some ways awful in others. Average, in other words.

There was a storm that did some horrible things to the abode:


, lashing it with an unbelievable amount of rain…


…and wind!

But I read a few trades:


Though Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha: The Project has been out for awhile, I have never been able to procure neither the time, nor the money to read it. Luckily, on my first visit to the local library (I have recently moved), I found it sitting on a shelf, beckoning me to read it. Witnessing Johnny’s return to life was an emotionally wrought experience, though a happy one. Welcome back Johnny!


Punisher: Homeless is nicely drawn, but an unexpected end to both Mr. Castiglione and, perhaps, Electra (who seemed uncharacteristically verbose throughout).


Whiteout: Melt is fairly straightforward, what they used to call “muscular”, action featuring a tough, sexy US marshall. I could imagine Gina Carano playing the title role if this ever makes a leap to the big-screen. Competent.

I also perused and read a couple of books:


Doctor Who: The Coming of the Terraphiles: I honestly tried to read this, but seeing the words “Captain Cornelius” a few pages in bothered me. I’m a big fan of Michael Moorcock’s stylish, multiversal anti-hero, but seeing him shoe-horned into a Doctor Who novel didn’t interest me.


Doctor Who: The Gallifrey Chronicles: This novel, on the other hand, by lesser known, though prolific writer of Whovian fiction, Lance Parkins, is a rather more fun read that I am currently enjoying.

doctor-who-the brain-of-morbius-title doctor-who-the brain-of-morbius-tom-baker

Obviously reading about the sartorially challenged Gallifreyan was not enough, so I also re-watched The Brain of Morbius which is Frankenstein re-written as a DW adventure. I saw this on it’s very first broadcast many years ago and it gave me nightmares. Serious willies, in fact. In the way that only a filter-less child’s mind can, I fully comprehended how wrong a renegade Time Lord could go. However, although I really enjoyed this second viewing, I also found myself giggling uncontrollably through many of the more “traumatic” scenes, particularly where the hideous, re-animated Morbius stumbles around the laboratory. This indicates either that I have become inured and jaded with age, or that I’m just a bit barmy.


As well as the plethora of time-wasting TV, I have, of course, been watching the last ever episodes of David Suchet’s Poirot. Over the years I have enjoyed the series so very much that I am going to start working my way through the novels when the series ends. There is, luckily, a local charity shop that stocks a large quantity of the books.

And finally, I shut down Star Adventer Magazine. Why? Because it was taking up too much time and furnished few, if any, net benefits to me or my contributors. What now? More writing; lots more writing. And a screenplay…

Now, if only I can avoid eating ALL of the leftover Halloween sweeties in one sitting.

Until the next post.

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