#UK #SciFi #Movie #Review: Storage 24


Written and starring Doctor Who‘s Mickey (Noel Clarke) and, as Hick’s says in Aliens (1986), “It’s a bug hunt.”

Only this time it’s set in a Battersea storage facility. The non-bug characters consist of a motley crew of  Joe and Jane Bloggs who have to Macgyver their way out of the locked-down warehouse.

There are a few problems:

  • First, the character development in non-existent. We know almost nothing about the characters, which means it takes a while to warm to any of them.
  • The editing is clumsy. For example, there is a scene where Clarke is talking to his ex-girlfriend and, halfway through the conversation, she walks out. Only that isn’t what we see. What we see is nothing because she simply vanishes! However, that is a relatively minor ding compared to the big goof at the beginning of the movie. Here we see some black, government-issue Rangies rumble in, presumably filled with the UK equivalent of the MIB. But that is the last we see of the convoy and this story-thread is simply abandoned and never mentioned again. Indeed, there are also a couple of characters at the beginning of the movie, who all have a bit of dialogue, but again, they seem totally extraneous to the plot.

Perhaps the movie should have been a good twenty minutes shorter, then the character development holes would not have mattered, i.e. as in a short-story. Also the movie definitely required more post-production work. My gut-feeling is that, for some reason, the production wound-up early and the movie was cobbled together rather rapidly.

All in all, not a terrible movie, but terribly eclipsed by Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block and suited more to a beer-and-pizza vid-night, and an unfussy audience. Let us hope, however, that Noel Clarke sticks with it as there are all too few genre filmmakers in the UK.

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