Dexter Is Done


The very last episode of Dexter aired in the UK a few days ago.

I enjoyed the long-running show and got a kick out of Dexter’s cleverness and charisma, largely due to Michael C. Hall’s fantastic acting. The fact that Dexter was a, no-excuses-electric-chair-bound, serial-killer was refreshing in a TV drama.

However, the Internet has been rife with vicious criticism for the so-called ‘weak’ ending of Dexter. I’m not sure it was though, as the show itself was spiraling around the drain, with re-hashes of the same old formulaic-plots, for months. Ending the show with Dexter just walking off into the Argentinian (why Argentina anyway) sunset would have been too much of a continuation of that tired old, clichéd, crowd-pleasing. Even if the writers couldn’t think of a better ending; I liked that Dexter finally realised what he really was. The final scene set in a bleak northern logging cabin and that last, cold stare into the camera reminded us too of his true nature.

Fade to black.

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