Ryuhei Kitamura's Midnight Meat Train (2008) and No One Lives (2012)

Japanese filmmaker Ryuhei Kitamura has turned out a sparing, but neat line in superior quality exploitation horror-with-a-twist in the shape of Midnight Meat Train (2008) and No One Lives (2012).


In Midnight Meat Train, an artistic photographer (Bradley Cooper) stumbles onto a murderous and possibly cannibalistic underground killer. Based on Clive Barker’s eponymous short-story from his Books of Blood series, the film evokes shades of Death Line (1972) which is also about cannibals on the underground.


No One Lives is your typical bad guys versus good guys… or so it seems. Pretty good, but not as visually pleasing as MMT.

Though neither are outstandingly original, nor as unpredictable as they purport to be, they nevertheless deliver what the schlock-horror cognescenti (i.e. me) require for a decent night’s distraction.

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