The Purge (2013)


A near future government in America allows the citizenry one night per year free of any laws. They can steal, murder and maim without legal repercussions. For twelve hours they can, as is mentioned in the film, choose to “unleash the beast.” I suppose that it is possible to try to analyse the film from a sociological perspective, but my amateurish take is that it satirises topical subjects such as gun-control, keeping up with the Joneses, reality TV etc… There is also a large portion of the film where the bad guy is this Richie-Rich nutjob; we have seen this trope before. Think of Funny Games (2007) or Rope (1948)The film caters, somewhat, to the class-fear that every gilt-collared preppie is one acorn short of a basket.  I’m guessing that the movie will have more of a resonance with US audiences, except in one specific aspect: the largely unsaid global fear of Americans themselves. Perhaps. I see this movie as standard 1980s Arnie (sans Arnie himself) action-schlock made to look clever with a modern sheen. Blessed be, the New Founding Fathers and apologies to any Wiccans reading this.

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