Apple Keyboards and Adapting to Mac OS X

I bought myself an Apple wireless keyboard a few weeks ago in preparation for the day when my twenty-plus year-old mechanical, “clicky” keyboard (an Amstrad IBM Model M knock-off) eventually gives up the ghost. The Apple is mechanical too, though it uses scissor switches rather than the clickier buckling springs arrangements of most retro-keyboards. This makes it quieter and a requires much softer touch. I thought I’d only tolerate it, but as it turns out, I am enjoying the lighter typing sensation. Don’t worry, I’ll still be haranguing Apple every time they do something stupid, so I haven’t fled completely to the Apple camp quite yet.* The only thing I don’t like is the small size of some of the keys and the lack of a backlight.

*Though, as a power user and part-time coder, my transition to Mac OS X hasn’t been particularly easy. So much so that there might be either a future podcast segment or blog post about this.

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