Looking Back at The Fury and The Medusa Touch (1978) #SciFi #Horror #Thriller

I just tweeted a YouTube trailer of the The Medusa Touch (1978), based on a novel by the late Peter Van Greenaway, only to discover that another of my favourites was also released that year. It was the year that Brian De Palma’s excellent adaptation of John Farris’s The Fury blasted the silver screen to pieces. Although distinctly different films, they both shared a common theme of apocalyptic super-powers bestowed on unstable individuals.*

The quality of a movie hinges on many factors, but the fact that both had great source material, scripts and casts, Richard Burton in the former and Kirk Douglas in the latter, surely must have helped. Also, Brian De Palma’s trademark schlock actually worked well in The Fury, but then again I am somewhat of an aficionado of his work, so this is hardly an objective observation.

I love both these films and never miss a chance to watch them.

*We, of course, see this topic explored in later movies, including Scanners (1981), Akira (1988) and Chronicle (2012).

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