My Journalistic Hate List @NUJofficial @journalism @BBC @Guardian



…and some I’m also guilty of committing:

  • Articles with “Why You Should…” in the title.
  • Articles with “N Reasons Why You Should…” in the title.
  • Any “Top N Things” type listicle articles. (GUILTY!)
  • Statistically unprovable rating schemes with “N out of N” stars, skulls etc… (GUILTY!)
  • The use of “disconnect” as a noun.
  • Overuse of the exclamation mark. (GUILTY!!!)
  • Using “that said” instead of “however.” (GUILTY!)
  • Content mill clowns.
  • Confusing journalistic reporting with activism or marketing.
  • Talking about writing instead of writing. (GUILTY!)
  • Ghostwritten celebrity columns…
  • …a group well-known for whining about hacks.
  • Requests for time-sensitive speculative articles.
  • Most editors, publishers and owners. (GUILTY, GUILTY and GUILTY!)
  • Sub-editors with bad grammar.
  • Late-payers and non-payers.
  • Time-consuming applications for journalism jobs. Cuttings and reels are sufficient.
  • “noreply” e-mail addresses. Would you really prefer a nude visit in the flesh (so to speak)?
  • Writers who whine about everything. (GUILTY!)
  • Fellow bloggers who are gits. (occasionally git-ish myself, so… GUILTY!)
  • Narcissism posing as gonzo. Or gonzo passing as narcissism.
  • Nepotism.

Top image via Ransom Note Generator

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