#Comic #Book #Review: Grant Morrision's and Philip Bond's Vimanarama


In this SciFi/Fantasy comedy the father of our lackadaisical hero, Ali, owns a corner-shop in Bradford. One day some shelves collapse on Ali’s hard-working brother Omar and a huge hole appears… The hole imprisons something very nasty indeed that inevitably escapes and leads to all kinds of apocalyptic chaos. There’s a bit of everything here: Bollywood, some fast-and-loose culture-jammed mythology, wrapped up in non-stop comedy. I thought it mostly very funny and I laughed aloud a few times. Morrison’s dialogue is sharp, Bond’s drawing is bold and Miller’s colour is intense; the art jumps right off the page. Worth a quick read and… brown people in comic books, yay!

Oh, and about the title, ‘Vimanas’ are basically flying chariots from Hindu mythology. I actually have one and I’m going for a quick scoot on it later. No, really.

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2 Responses to #Comic #Book #Review: Grant Morrision's and Philip Bond's Vimanarama

  1. intstudentfr says:

    I’ll definitely check it out. Isn’t it unrealistic though that they are bracing for battle with classical dance moves?


  2. Roy says:

    Yeah, but it is a comedy. Besides, even if it wasn’t, you haven’t seen me pretending to be in The Matrix at Tai Chi classes. };-> Roy


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