#TV #Review: Breaking Bad, Season 5, Part II, Episode 9, It's The Final Countdown… Oh No!


Thus commences the beginning of the end of AMC’s brilliant show.

In the first episode of the grande finale we see a long Star Trek themed dialogue about subjects only a Trekkie (like me) would get. This indicates, quite clearly, that I must be their prime audience demographic. Quite clever of them to achieve this given the non-genre (SciFi/Fantasy/Horror) nature of the show. In this episode we also see Walter sick again because, as we now know, he only thrives on evil. No spoilers, but to say that the first episode ends with a bit of a cliff-hanger would be a monstrous understatement.

With a show as popular as this, lightning rarely strikes twice, just ask creator Vince Gilligan’s X-Files colleague Chris Carter. Still, good luck to the cast and crew, because whatever they do next, it will be difficult to top Breaking Bad.

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