#SciFi #Movie: #Review Pacific Rim (It's Good, It's Very, Very Good)


I saw Pacific Rim today and I must have liked it too, because I couldn’t stop talking about afterwards. The premise is simple. Humanity creates and pilots giant warrior robots to fight giant alien monsters. A tribute to Japanese kids TV, Guilermo Del Toro really gets Saturday morning mecha. This is a fantastic giant robot stomp fest, so much so that I keep finding myself walking round the apartment, making “whirr-whirr” noises pretending to be a giant robot. I don’t care how old I am either. You see I grew up with Goldorak, a humanoid mecha, thanks to Summers with access to francophone TV, whilst living in Paris with my aunt and uncle.  In other words, I have been pre-programmed to go completely nuts over this stuff. And I did. In fact, I sat there with an ear-to-ear grin throughout most of this movie.

The only reason that it isn’t the best film so far this year, is that it has Star Trek Into Darkness as it’s competition.

Thoroughly recommended and take that Michael Bay! Whirr-whirr, BAM!


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