Want Me To #Review Something? #Movies, #TV, #ComicBooks, #Games, #Gadgets etc…

Want me to review something? Then get in touch! Here’s what I can currently handle:

  • SciFi/Fantasy/Horror movies (first UK press screening) and TV shows (pilot only on region unlocked DVD).
  • Superhero/supervillain SciFi/Fantasy/Horror English language comic books (hard copy of first issue only).
  • Games (PC video games, NB/ if subscription based, then I’ll need an account already set up and login details).
  • Phones/phablets/tablets (charged, with activated voice+3/4G SIM for the UK and some pre-installed apps and games.)
  • Consoles+ controller with a couple of newish, popular game titles or 3D gaming capable laptops with a few preinstalled games.
  • Digital cameras (charged).
  • Media players & eReaders (charged, with some content).
  • Audio Dramas (will review first episode or chapter only, on CD please).

You will have to arrange delivery and collection and, preferably, include some non-copyrighted, non-lossy images (.png or .tiff) of your product. No passwords on gadgets!


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