#Movie #Review: The Corporation (2003)


I haven’t seen this movie in a good number of years, but since we seem to be going through a spate of political film reviews, I thought I’d just mention one of the best. I was actually invited to see this movie by a group of university students back in 2003, but I declined because I go to the movies for fictional entertainment, not to watch documentaries. So I waited until it came out on DVD. In a nutshell, the film examines the deleterious effects of the growth of powerful multinational corporations. Put that way, it sounds a little boring. However, this movie has an almost hypnotic quality. Maybe, it’s the combination of the voice of the narrator (Mikela J. Mikael), the subtle background music or the subject itself, but I watched this movie in one sitting, with barely a blink. Why should you watch this? Simple: if you are like me, you probably can’t be bothered staying abreast of current events. Something like this, that can inform as well as entertain is, therefore, a panacea to viewer apathy. The movie also has one of the best logos that I have ever seen. Recommended.

Some other decent movies with a strong political theme that I ‘enjoyed’:

The Battle of Algiers (1966), Doctor Strangelove (1964), Catch 22 (1970).

You might also want to check out this IMDB list, which strangely omits Catch 22.

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